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When an old detective friend is falsely accused of stealing a priceless ruby, Chip and Dale XXX decide to take on the task of solving the crime themselves, in this introduction to the series. Yes, Virginia, there is a Happy Meal box. In the nicest, possible way, of course. It's a white shirt with Chip and Dale in red outline, and the RR logo. Unknown whether it's available for purchase, but it was part of a promotion. The Rescue Rangers Nude was an animated television series by the Walt Disney Company, premiering in the late 80's around Feb 89 on the Disney Channel and continued its run through the Disney Afternoon until it moved to the Disney Channel in the fall of 93. The rest of the team respect his judgement, and always trust he will lead them out of whatever crisis they find theirselves in, although Monty would rather rush into things and Dale does sometimes comment on Chip having no sense of humour. In short, The Rescue Rangers Save Little Red is a damn fine RR story, to be read to and for children, adults, pets, prospective spouses who want proof of your literacy. Zipper plays the appropriate role of Cambot. Oddly enough, this is dedicated to all the anti-Chip & Gadget people out there. Chip Noir Dale's Rescue Rangers Fucking My own take of the Rangers world, starting where the series left off. Chip and Dale are jealous of the attentions bestowed upon Gadget by a lab rat named Sparky.

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