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Adult Hey Arnold Facts Helga confesses loving Arnold to Lila in this episode. Dude, is this...yours?, Gerald asked, holding up a bottle of concealer as if it were underwear. Sid pleaded, but it was too late. Arnold looked at the hall monitor as soon as she had stood up straight again. A tear ran down Phoebe's face, but her expression never changed. Phoebe finished her glass and expressed her shock to Helga through facial expression. Rhonda leaned back; her black hair tied back in an eloquent fashion. Martinez could respond Helga was right in Arnold's face. Notice the terrible dress that Helga tries to make Rhonda wear to scare Rhonda out of being Juiliet? Arnold, I have to tell you, you don't get it. Gerald, she squeaked as she gripped the book, I'll never say another unkind or incriminating word about you.

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